“We are all a piece of work, a work in progress, and a work of art – all at the same time.”

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A Second Exodus
A Second Exodus

1956, Alexandria, Egypt   The wave was bigger than he had anticipated, knocking him off his feet and pushing him down under for a few seconds before carrying him quickly to the shore and spitting him out onto the sand.  At nine years old, Sami wasn’t the tallest...

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I’m Danielle

I love life and people and try to focus on the tiny miracles every day. I’m a nursing student in my mid-40s, I run a medicare consulting business, I work part-time at the hospital, and I love to write – mostly stories about my life and the people I encounter along the way.

What I Do

Writing and Editing

After earning a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona, I worked as an Editorial Assistant and Reporter for the Associated Press.
I especially loved to write feature stories about people.
I went on to work in sales and marketing, using my writing skills to create sales copy, marketing pieces, blog articles and website content for companies in several different industries.
Today, I’m available for guest posting, professional freelance writing and certain editing projects.
People love the engaging way I tell stories and my ability to make complex subjects interesting and simple.
I am particularly passionate about health and wellness, nursing, real estate and homes, women’s issues, family and relationships, travel and Breast Cancer.

Medicare Consulting

Medicare – it seems boring, overwhelming, scary and bureaucratic – not exactly anyone’s big passion in life.
But I love helping people understand the complexities of Medicare and navigate their choices as they turn 65 and beyond.
My services cost my clients nothing as I’m paid directly by the insurance companies when I enroll my clients in the right Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Prescription Drug Plans.
I’m an independent agent and work with several different insurance companies.
It is my pleasure to help my clients choose what’s right for them. And I’m there to help in the years that come whenever they have questions or need help.
I’m an advisor, a consultant and a friend to my Medicare clients, and I absolutely love this work.

Speaking & Coaching

Diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in September 2019, I was forced to take a break from the frenetic pace of my life and focus on what was most important: family, faith and health.
I started sharing my experience with friends and family on my blog and social media and found that people found my positive spirit inspiring.
I quickly realized that all my training, schooling, self-development work and life experiences (i.e years of theatre performance) had uniquely prepared me to take what I knew and teach it to others.
I could teach people to find and focus on the gift in their grief, the silver linings in their gloomiest circumstances, the blessing in the pain. I love helping people become their best selves.
“We are all a piece of work, a work in progress and a work of art, all at the same time.” .

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