Piece of Work
This memoir is a piece of my work, a piece of my life, a story about a girl who’s a real piece of work. But aren’t we all if we’re honest? And though I may be a piece of work, I’m also a work in progress, a work of art, a masterpiece – a piece of The Master, The Great I Am. And you are, too.
Other Stuff I do!
Are you dreaming of a career change? Facing a relationship challenge, a scary diagnosis, or a painful loss? Desiring to write a book or create something that seems impossible? I love bringing dreams to life, magnifying the silver linings, and finding solutions...
Piece of Work, the Podcast
Life and work are beautiful and messy. This podcast will explore the stories and struggles that make us human, and all the ways we work to make sense of it all.
Medicare Mentoring
As much as I love those tiny humans, I also help people at the other end of the spectrum! Are you turning 65 or retiring this year and overwhelmed by Medicare? I'll help you make sense of it all, pick the best plan for you, and even make it fun.
I’ve recently reinvented myself into an Author, a Labor & Delivery Nurse, and a Life Coach. But I'll always be someone who does many things...
I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl. I look for silver linings and signs from God. I love to be a champion, a cheerleader and an inspiration to the people around me.

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