Living in a Multiverse

by | May 8, 2023 | Nursing, Night Shifts & School

It’s like I have multiple personalities, or I’m living in a parallel universe…a multiverse maybe?
For 72 hours of the week, I’m working half the time, driving and sleeping the rest. And for the remaining 96 hours of the week, I’m recovering while also doing everything else…
I’ve always been a busy girl, and for the past year I’ve truly juggled several full time careers while also trying to be a good mom and wife, a decent friend and an OK human.
But for the the past six weeks, I actually feel like I have two separate lives, and Sunday is my day to slowly transition between the two. Yesterday, we even had some friends over, which was really nice even though I felt drunk with exhaustion.
Six weeks ago, I went back to night shift at the hospital after telling myself I would never do that again. I feel like I’m going to die at least once a week, and curse myself for deciding to do this for most of each weekend.
But working all three shifts in a row on the weekend has allowed me to have a somewhat human existence during the week. And I almost always end Sunday morning thinking I love my job and maybe I really can do this.
Monday through Thursday, I’m an entrepreneur – Writer, coach, Medicare agent, podcaster….
My husband Michael joined me in the Medicare insurance business in April. Together we’re working on setting up systems to grow and help our clients have Medicare Moxy…
I haven’t done much writing lately, but I have a few book projects in the works. People continue to tell be that they love my book, Piece of Work, a Memoir: We are all a Piece of Work, a Work in Progress, and a Work of Art. I’d like to start marketing it to a larger audience, but can only do so much in a day, a week, a month, a year. And they all fly by.
My podcast, Piece of Work with Danielle Tantone probably only has an audience of 20-30 people, but among those people, a handful have told me it’s touched their life, so for now, I’ll continue doing it and try to grow it.
During the week I make time for lunches with friends, hikes, workouts, self care, family time, reading, Netflix, house projects, naps and relaxation. Thursday afternoon, I try to take a nap as I transition into night Labor & Delivery nurse mode.
Being a new nurse in my late 40s is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I do love it, but it’s so much more than cheering on moms to push through the marathon of labor and then swaddling their beautiful babies…
If I could only show you the depth and the pace and the rollercoaster of emotions and experience packed into every shift…
Suffice it to say that though we witness new life every day, and I get to be there for the best day in a family’s life, sometimes it’s the worst day…and sometimes it’s both.
At times I feel like I’m on a medical drama show…only with real lives in the balance. It’s amazing and beautiful and makes me feel so alive.
So here we go for another week. Back to entrepreneurial mode now. Or maybe just relaxation mode today. It’s a beautiful life.


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