My baby is turning five tomorrow! Facebook memory from five years ago today..

Every morning for about the last month, I have woken up half surprised that my water didn’t break during the night and that instead I’m still pregnant! (I have a double uterus, so the baby really only has half the space that other babies have in their mom’s tummies.) With both my older girls, they scheduled a c-section, but my water broke a few weeks earlier than the scheduled date.
I’ve been having contractions for months, have been to the hospital twice convinced that I was in labor. But no, this one appears to be quite content to wait for her scheduled arrival time, despite our impatience!
Can’t wait to welcome Arya Grace Tantone into the world tomorrow. By the way, her name seems to be confusing for people, but it’s just like Aria (Ah-ree-ah or even Ahr-ya) – like an Italian opera solo or the Vegas hotel, spelled with a y instead of an i. Aria also means lioness in Hebrew and the word Arya itself is sanskrit for noble.
Grace also has a lot of meaning for us. On one hand Grace is simple elegance, refinement of movement, poise, finesse. And on the other hand, in Christian belief grace means the free and unmerited favor of God. It is something we don’t deserve and cannot earn, and one of the hardest things to give to other people, especially those who hurt us, an amazing blessing…
Can’t wait to hold my amazing blessing from God tomorrow!


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